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The AccuTru SVS Solution
Changing Temperature Measurement Forever

AccuTru's patented Self-Validating, Self-Diagnostic, Self-Calibrating SVS Sensors (SEVA) are delivering a breakthrough in the process control industy.  These truly smart sensors actually Self-Calibrate while in service and report back to your control system a steady, validated temperature reading you can count on. 

The Processor/Transmitter unit, currently shipping with HART Protocol, fits inside a standard instrument housing and the Sensor Probe is a drop in replacement for any current thermocouple or RTD you are using today.

Key Benefits of a Validated Temperature Control Loop
  • Higher Process Yields/Reduced Scrap
  • Reduced Energy and Emissions
  • Improved Quality
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Improved Safety
  • Longer Equipment Life
  • Enables Predictive, Advanced Process Control 


Now, for the very first time - accurate, reliable temperature measurement...


The SVS sensors (direct replacements for regular thermocouples) eliminate drift and improve system reliability to help you optimize your process. 

It is a one-of-a-kind, in situ, conditioned, self-correcting temperature loop with predictive maintenance.


The SVS technology is based on characterizing and measuring multiple, independent thermoelectric properties then evaluate the condition of the sensor.  

The SVS sensor is contructed using conventional thermocouple and RTD technology combined in a new way.   The sensor configuration produces a unique combination of mutlple independet measurements, such that all the elements of the sensor are monitored.

The SVS transmitter/signal conditioner measures these thermoelectric signals and continuously monitors and reports the validated temperature and sensor health.  If decalibration of an element is detected, the transmitter gives an advance warning so that preparations can be made to replace the sensor at a convenient time.

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