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High Temperature Thermocouples
For tough high temperature applications

 AccuTru High Temperature Thermocouples

Thermocouples for high temperature applications, usually above 2300°F require different construction materials.  Except for some specialty exotic metals, most metals reach there upper useable limits around 2300°F or slightly above.

Most often, high temperature sensors are built using ceramic or metal-ceramic protection tubes and platinum-platinum/rhodium thermoelement wires.  These carry letter designations S, R, and B.  NOTE: Type B does not provide accurate readings below 500 degrees.

THE S, R, and B thermocouples work well in oxidizing environments.   For reducing environments you will need to use Tungesten/Rhenium thermocouples, which carry letter designations of W or (C, D, or G) designations.  

AccuTru's ExL High Temperature Thermocouples are built using treated high density alumina protection tubes to insure the longest possible life or AccuTru's proprietary HD247 protection tubes
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