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About AccuTru

About AccuTru

 AccuTru International Corporation celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2009.   Founded in1994, the company was started to provide advanced measurement technologies for industries world-wide.   The founder's vision was to create a company that would provide leading-edge technoclogy to replace older technologies with the objective of improving process control, thus enabling enterprises to provide better quality products, with less waste,  reduced environmental impact, while reducing energy requirements.

The founders of the company,  Dr. Collins Cannon, Bernard Conner, Ron Buchanan, and Dr. Lee Transier were committed to building an organization that was responsive to the needs of their customers, provided the highest quality product, and conducted an ongoing research and development program.

The company is a Delaware Sub-Chapter S corporation with executive and manufacturing offices in Kingwood, Texas (Houston area). In 2000, Dr. Daniel A. Barberree joined the company as Vice-President, Research and Development.  In 2009, AccuTru's Board appointed Peter Erickson as the company's Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Erickson brings an extensive background in the petrochemical industry including manufacturing and business development experience.  Dr. Transier currently serves as Chairman of the Board.

As evidence of its committment to research and development, the company has introduced a number of innovative products, including MI-Dry mineral insulated metal sheathed cable, ExL long life thermocouples and RTD's and the world's first self-validating (SEVA) temperature measurement system.  Because of its committment to research and development, the company was selected to conduct a major research and development program for a major international oil company.  It's quality products such as ExL thermocouples and RTDs are used by companies and organizations such as Boeing, Shell Oil Company, U.S,. Steel, Mirot AT, Air Liquide, Bechtel, ExxonMobil, Pfizer, Apache Aerospace, Cambridge University, Goodrich, Celanese, Idaho National Engineering Laboratories, Cargil, and Volvo Aero.

In 2004, AccuTru International established AccuTru Sensor Technologies as a subsidiary to manufacture and market advanced sensor technologies.

In March, 2010, AccuTru introduced the new SVS-III self-validating temperature measurement system.  This most recent iteration of the SVS system is now available for installation in harzardous environments.  

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