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New Efficiencies

Our Perspective… The single biggest expense for the airline industry is fuel cost. Historically, fuel costs ran between 10 and 15 percent of the airlines operating costs.   Now, fuel costs are between 35 and 50 percent of costs.  A one cent per gallon increase in fuel results in a $195 million cost to the airlines.  The airlines are reducing their service, moth balling planes, delaying delivery of new planes, and cutting staff in an attempt to compensate for the increased energy costs.   Currently, there is no silver bullet available to help return the airlines to profitability.

How AccuTru Supports the Industry...

 AccuTru is currently testing gas turbine thermocouple rakes on several aircraft as the first step in obtaining approval for in-flight use.  Built using AccuTru’s MI-Dry technology, these ExL sensors provide a stable signal output while providing 2 to 4 times the life of conventional MgO insulated sensors.  In order to maximize the use of resources airlines need to keep their planes in the air while reducing the time on ground.   The extended life feature of ExL sensors can contribute to the reduction of ground time for sensor replacement.

AccuTru’s Self-Validating sensor system, if applied to a gas turbine can provide significant improvement in engine efficiency.  Because the Self-Validating Sensor monitors the performance of the sensor in real-time, the need for a wide margin to over-temp can be reduced.  Being able to run an engine at a slightly higher power by using Self-Validating Sensors, provides increased efficiencies, thus reducing fuel costs.  It is estimated that the use of Self-Validating sensors can provide as much as a ??? percent reduction in fuel use.



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