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Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Our Perspective… The global chemical market continues to face considerable turbulence with high feed stock prices and intense competition.  Historically, chemical manufacturers have had to deal with a strongly cyclical marketplace, experiencing periods of high prices, overbuilding of capacity, followed by a period of low prices.  With the globalization of the economy, new forces have entered into the equation.  Now, manufacturers now must deal with rapidly rising costs of raw materials.  This is putting increased pressure on their pricing power.  The limited ability to increase prices is not enough to offset rising raw materials costs.

How AccuTru Supports the Industry...

The chemical industry is currently a major component of AccuTru’s customer base.   Major producers are using AccuTru’s Self-Validating Sensor Systems (SEVA), ExL thermocouples and ExL RTDs to improve throughput and product quality.   Our ExL thermocouples provide accurate, reliable measurements with improved signal stability and a lifetime of 2 to 4 times conventional MgO thermocouples.    For applications where tight control is critical the Self-Validating temperature measurement system, a drop-in replacement for regular thermocouples is becoming the accepted standard.   In addition to providing very accurate measurements, the SEVA system generates a sensor health reading that can be integrated into your control system so that you always know the accuracy of the sensor’s reading.      For lower temperature processes, AccuTru’s ExL RTDs provide accurate readings and extended life.


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