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Solutions for the Food and Dairy Industry

Our perspective...   A country's food supply is of critical concern.  Poor practices on the part of packers or producers can lead to recalls or worse, major outbreaks caused by food pathogens.  The Food and Drug Administration continues to tighten rules and regulations to reduce the risk of food caused illnesses.  In addition to sanitation, one of the major factors that can affect the safety of food is temperature measurement of the products during processing.  If the temperature is not adequate, there is increased risk of food poisoning.  If products are subject to extreme heat, the quality of the product suffers, resulting in increased waste and the possibility of loss of customers due to poor product quality.

How AccuTru Supports the Industry...

AccuTru's SVS sensor system provides food processors with accurate, reliable temperature measurement that insures accurate measurements throughout the production run.  The SVS, in addition to providing validated temperature readings for control systems, generates a sensor health indicator that provides operators or control systems with the sensor's status on a real time basis.  If a sensor begins to fail, the operator or control system is notified by the SVS control unit, indicating that the sensor is no longer reliable and needs replacement. 

Armed with the information that the sensor systems are operating properly, the process can run continuously without concern that the temperature may be out of range for the food product being produced.

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