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Our Perspective… With the exception of flat panel screens and fiber optic glass, the glass industry is facing severe pressures.   Increased use of plastics and other packaging materials along with stiff increases in energy costs are placing stress on the glass industry today.

How AccuTru Supports the Industry...

In 1996, the Department of Energy awarded AccuTru a grant to develop a new class of temperature measurement instrument specifically for the U.S. glass industry.   The objective was to provide a more reliable instrument that would improve the glass melter process control and subsequently reduce the amount of energy required to melt the glass.   The outgrowth of this grant was the development of the Self-Validating Temperature Sensor System. (SEVA)  Evaluation by a major glass company of the technology determined that the Self-Validating Sensor was superior to the typical Type B thermocouples used in glass melters.  (See Article entitled).  Since then, AccuTru has developed two additional models of the Self-Validating Sensor.  The 2312, for mid-temperature ranges and the 411, for lower temperature ranges.

The industry also uses AccuTru’s ExL thermocouples which provide more reliable measurements and longer life for applications outside of the glass melter.


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