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Heat Treating
Solutions for the heat treating industry

Our Perspective...  The heat treating industry is critical to the advanced technologies so common today.  Historically, there have been few advances in temperature measurement over the last 60 years.  As a result, production costs are higher than necessary because sensors need to be replaced at regular intervals rather than when they no longer provide correct temperature readings.  At the same time, if sensors fail during production runs, the materials in that process must be destroyed, resulting in lost profits.  Improvements in temperature measurement technologies can provide the industry with improved efficiencies and profitability.

How AccuTru Supports the Industry...

AccuTru's SVS/2311 self-validating, self-diagnostic temperature measurement systems provides heat treaters with both extended life for sensors and a method of validating the temperatures of the work pieces.  AccuTru installed an SVS sensor system for a major aerospace corporation and, as a result, was able to reduce the failure rate of work pieces from more than 80 percent to less than 10 percent.  
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