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Solutions for the nanotechnoligy industry

Our Perspective… Recent developments in nanotechnology are opening multiple new frontiers.  Among the many applications are the reduction of energy consumption, novel semiconductor devices and optoelectronic devices, lightere and stronger materials for aerospace application, the ability to reduce impurities in steel making, and advances in quantum computing.

Beyond industrial applications, significant developments have been made in medicine tissue engineering, diagnostics, and drug delivery.  Although a relatively new field, applications have been quickly developing, creating demand for more and more nanoproducts.   The technology is one of the bright spots in this difficult economic period.

How AccuTru Supports the Industry...

 Houston is a major center for the development and advancement of nanotechnology.  New developments in the field continue at a rapid pace.  The materials used in the manufacture of carbon nanotubes, and the environments in which the tubes are created make accurate temperature measurement difficult. AccuTru is pleased to be a primary supplier of sensor technology for the manufacture of carbon nanotubes.  Our ExL sensors provide stable measurement at the high temperatures required for some of the nanotube manufacturing processes and our Self-validating temperature sensors provide a validated temperature output that control operators can depend on, reducing off-spec materials and improving throughput.


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