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Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Our Perspective… Research and development is critical not only to the continual improvement of medicine, but the viability of firms involved in research, manufacturing and sales of pharmaceuticals.  Continual pressure on drug companies to produce new, more effective medicines, while at the same time keeping research and manufacturing costs under control and providing sufficient returns on investment that allow the development of new drugs require the industry’s continual focus on improving their processes.

How AccuTru Supports the Industry..

AccuTru’s Self-Validating Temperature Measurement Systems (SEVA) enable pharmaceutical companies to improve yields while at the same time providing accurate, reliable data collection that exceeds FDA’s requirements.   Currrently, the FDA requires calibration of sensors at the beginning and end of a product run.  If a sensor decalibrates during the run, the lot must be quarantined.   With AccuTru’s self-validating temperature measurement systems, validation continues throughout the manufacturing process.  This real-time validation system eliminates the risk of off-specification product because the process can be stopped as soon as the system reports a sensor out of calibration.

Our ExL line of thermocouples and RTDs provide pharmaceutical companies with sensors that not only provide longer life, thereby reducing costs, but also provide data systems with highly reliable and stable signal output.


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