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Our Perspective… The current energy crisis impacts both businesses and individuals.  Rapidly increasing prices places inflationary pressures on business to increase the price of goods to cover their increase energy costs.  At the same time, individuals are finding it difficult to cope with increasing costs of energy required for home heating and cooling.   Constraints on construction of new power generation facilities due to environmental or political factors while demand increases is straining the power system.  New strategies to maximize the operational capacity of existing generating facilities are of critical importance.

How AccuTru Supports the Industry...

AccuTru provides a wide variety of thermocouples and RTDs to many of the nation’s power producers.  Our ExL sensors are extending the time between overhauls caused by sensor failure.  Our engineering and research team is working with customers to reduce failure due to vibration in gas turbines. 

Our Self-Validating Sensor System (SEVA) allows operators to run turbines at higher output because the system reports sensor health to the operators, thus allowing the operators to run the system hotter without fear of sensor failure and over-temping of the turbines.

Our ExL thermocouples are reducing the maintenance costs be increasing the intervals between sensor replacement time while at the same time, providing more accurate readings.


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