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Solutions for the refining industry

Our Perspective… The refining industry is absolutely critical to the health of the economy.  Few people realize the criticality of this segment to economic growth.  Historically, the business has been a cyclical boom or bust business.   Even with high petroleum prices, refineries are operating with razor slim margins.  With the demand for energy continuing to rise, refineries are running at maximum capacity.  It appears that new refineries are still some time away.  In the interim, efforts to improve productivity are the only solution to increased production.

How AccuTru Supports the Industry...

The first product developed by AccuTru was an improved type of ionization probe that we still provide to refineries today.  However, over the intervening years, AccuTru has expanded its support of the refining industry with a wide array of products.

The introduction of our proprietary MI-Dry insulated thermocouples has enabled the refinery industry to eliminate virtual junction errors, a daunting problem for many facilities.  The reliability of the signal output along with longer life enables operators to reduce down-time and improve product output because of the reliability of the temperature readouts.

AccuTru provides a variety of specialized products including large scale multi-point reactor thermocouples, special high temperature thermowells, unique thermowells for use in sulfur recovery units, and custom, highly accurate sensors for research laboratory use.


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