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Solutons for the nanotechnology industry

Our Perspective… There is little doubt that the requirements for process control in the semiconductor industry are extremely demanding.  The failure of a sensor during the deposition process, be it physical vapor,  chemical vapor , or atomic layer deposition results in significant financial loss.  If sensors require frequent replacement, the downtime required to install a new sensor hampers production goals.  Sensors that are not contaminant free can cause damage to equipment or product if the wafers are exposed to the sensors.  Manufacturing of semiconductors is a highly competitive business with significant swings in demand and pricing.   Any strategy that reduces defects or improves throughput helps provide a competitive advantage to the manufacturer.

How AccuTru Supports the Industry...

AccuTru’s engineering and research team has assisted the industry by providing creative solutions to complex measurement problems.  Recently, a manufacturer asked AccuTru to design a new sensor to replace a design that was very difficult to install, resulting in broken sensors or early failure of sensors in the deposition process.
Our team studied the problems, built a mockup of the furnace, and then developed a solution that solved the problems.  The design included a unique swivel device that allowed the furnace operator to install the sensor quickly, without damage to the sensor during the installation process and reduced the potential for early failure.
AccuTru’s proprietary manufacturing process for noble metal, ceramic insulated thermocouples extends a sensor’s life when compared to conventional Platinum-Platinum/Rhodium thermocouples, helping to improve product quality and reducing replacement costs for sensors.


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