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Steel and Base Metal
Solutions for the steel and base metal industry

Our perspective...  The steel industry has faced difficult times over the past several decades.  Imported steel, consolidation, and changes in technology along with movement away from massive operations to smaller production facilities have all had significant inpact on the industry.  In addtion, the wide swings in pricing coupled with quick changes in demand for product have made the businss quite volitile. 

The need to operate as effeciently as possible is critical in the current economic climate.  AccuTru is pleased to have been selected to provide sensors to several of the major steel producers who report that our Ex-L sensors are providing considerably longer life than conventional thermocouples. 

How AccuTru Supports the Industry...

AccuTru's advanced temperature measurement systems, the SVS/2311, and the Ex-L mineral insulated metal sheathed sensors provide significant benefits to all components of the steel-base metal industry. Two major United States Steel Companies are now using AccuTru Ex-L thermocouples in their furnace operations.
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