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Training Services

Training Services

Training Services

As part of its services to our clients, AccuTru provides an array of training services.  Below, is a partial list of courses and seminar's available to your organization.

  • Introduction to Temperature Measurement -
    This course provides a general overview of temperature measurement principles and practices. Included are discussions of the various types of instruments such as thermocouples, RTDs, thermisters, and optical instruments.   Topics include the benefits and disadvantages of each of the types and typical applications.
  • Advanced  Topics in Temperature Measurement -

An indepth presentation on various aspects of temperature measurement including helpful hints on improving measurement, factors that cause virtual junction errors, good practices, and the design of effective temperature measurement system.

  • Dr. Dan's Temperature Measurement Seminar -

A comprehensive program on temperature measurement, from the basic principles going back to Seebeck to current issues dealing with wireless systems, the improvements in measurement with the Type N thermocouple, issues related to accuracy of RTD's with 2, 3, and  4 wire systems.

  • Self-Validiating Temperature Measurement Systems -

This course covers the principles of self-validation, an introduction to AccuTru's SVS sensor systems, SVS installation proceedures, software uploading, wiring, and operation of the system along with troubleshooting. 

For information on these and custom designed seminars and courses for your own organization, contact Chris Hunt at 262.432.5999 or by E-mail at chris.hunt@accutru.com


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