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Company History

In 2009, AccuTru International is celebrating its 15th anniversary.  Founded in 1994 by a group of four individuals it has, over the years, grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise providing advanced temperature measurement technologies to companies around the world. 

The founders of the company, a scientist, researcher, sensor company executive, and marketing executive were committed to building a company that could advance the science of temperature measurement using modern materials and processes to produce products that would provide companies with the tools to improve their processes and efficiencies, resulting in improved profitability.

The focus in the early years was on research and development activities that led toward the development and patenting of the world's first self-validating (SEVA) temperature measurement system and a new class of mineral insulated cable, marketed as MI-Dry.  MI-Dry eliminates most of the problems associated with MgO sensors, early recalibration, green rot, hydroscopicity.

Based on AccuTru's R&D activities, the United State Department of Energy awarded AccuTru a substantial grant to develop advanced sensor technologies for the American glass industry, primarily to reduce energy consumption.  This grant led to the further develoment of our Self-validating sensor system.

Over time, the company has expanded its product line and services to include calibration services, technical consulting, engineering andsensor design services.  

Recently, AccuTru has partnered with two companies to start producing and marketing our MI-Dry mineral insulated cable world-wide.  Production is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2009.  In addition, AccuTru is completing its third enancement to the self-validating sensor system with the introduction of Model 3. which will feature an explosion proof transmitter housing.  The Model 3 is expected to be available at the end of the second quarter 2009.

The company is rapidly gaining a reputation as the people to go to for solving difficult temperature measurement problems.  In addition to our own research and development staff, engineers, and technical experts, AccuTru has an extensive network of university researchers that we call on to assist in ceramic and metallurgy projects.

As we enter a new century, AccuTru is poised to continue its rapid growth with the intention of becoming the preferred supplier of advanced temperature instrumentation worldwide.


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