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Welcome to our newly revised web site. In addition to a new look, we've added links to our distributors and the ability to download PDF files containing product information.

Press Releases
AccuTru periodically distributes announcements to media outlets and other interested parties regarding new products, affiliations, and news of general interest about the company. If you would like to receive announcements regarding AccuTru’s business send an email to team1@accutru.com with the title: “Press Release Addition”.

AccuTru Appoints Distributor in Mexico

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA - February 9, 2010 - Peter Erickson, AccuTru's CEO announced today, the appointment of PQ Solutions, S.A. de C.V. of Monterrey, as a distributor of AccuTru temperature measurement products for northern Mexico.   In making the announcement, Mr. Erickson noted that PQ Solutions has extensive knowledge of the instrumentation market along with a strong commitment to customer service.

AccuTru Sensor Technologies, founded in 1994 provides advanced technology temperature measurement products, including ExL extended life thermocouples and RTD's and the patented SVS-III self-validating/diagnostic temperature measurement system.  AccuTru specializes in development of new approaches to temperature measurement and is noted for its ability to solve difficult temperature measurement problems.

The PQ Solutions team has extensive experience in temperature measurement and is a full-service distributor providing a broad array of process measurement products for a wide variety of manufacturing operations.   PQ solutions, headquartered in Monterrey, may be reached by calling +52(81) 8103-0513.

AccuTru Board of Directors Selects Chief Executive Officer

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA - December 3, 2009 - AccuTru's Board of Directors announced today, the election of Mr. Peter Erickson as Chief Executive Officer.  He begins his new duties immediately.  Mr. Erickson, a Kingwood, Texas resident, holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas - Austin.  Prior to joining AccuTru, Mr. Erickson was an employee of Chevron, where he served in a variety of positions including plant operations and business development. 

In announcing the appointment, Dr. Lee Transier, AccuTru's Chairman said that Mr. Erickson will focus on new applications for the company's technologies, expanded distribution channels, and strenthening partnerships with existing clients.

Ash Equipment Company Joins the AccuTru Distributor Team

OTONOMOWOC, WISCONSIN USA - December 3, 2008 - Mr. Chris Hunt, AccuTru's Business Development Manager today annouced the addition of Ash Equipment Company to AccuTru's distributor team.  Ash, headquartered in Batavia, Illinois has regional locations in Milwaukee and Appleton, Wisconsin, Rockford, Illinois, and in Elkhart, Indiana.  Ash Equipment is one of the nation's leading distributors of heaters, sensor controls, and power switching devices.

In addition to providing customers a full line of  temperature measurement products, Ash provides engineered solutions from a simple custom control panel to complex engineered custom solutions. 


Chris Hunt Appointed New Business Development Specialist

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA - October 1, 2008 - Dr. Lee Transier, Chairman of AccuTru annouced today, the appointment of Mr. Chris Hunt as Business Development Specialist.  In his new role, Mr. Hunt will work with companies interested in AccuTru products facilitiating the design phase of product development.  He will also work with AccuTru's existing customers to ensure product quality and facilitate new product opportunities. 

In addition, Hunt will be responsible for increasing the distributor base to cover the entire United States, enabling AccuTru to better serve our customers, regardless of their geographic location.
Chris is a sales veteran from a Xerox agency where he was a large account manager within highly competitive markets.   Chris's experience and passion for the sales function positions him well to take on the challenges as AccuTru's Business Development Specialist.  Prior to joining AccuTru, Hunt attended Sullivan College in Louisville, Kentucky and underwent extensive sales training at the Xeroc Corporate Training University in Leesburg, Virginia.  
Chris travels throughout the United States and maintains an office in Metro Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He resides in Ixonia, Wisconsin with his wife Tara and sons, Grayson and Gavin.
Chris may be reached at chris.hunt@accutru.com or by phone at 262.432.5999.

New Version of AccuTru's Self-Validating (SEVA) Temperature Measurement System Under Development

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA - March 15, 2008  AccuTru Sensor Technologies announced to day, a new version of its Self-Validating (SEVA) temperature measuremnt system is now under development with an expected release in the second quarter fo 2009.   The patented self-validating temperature measurement system is the only system that provides operators or DCS systems with a continuous stream of digital data that validates the accuracy of the temperature measurement output that the sensor provides.
The syst em relies on a matrix of measurement elements that provide multiple mutually exclusive measurements using various methodologies.  The microprocessor controlled system senses changes in the sensor and will adjust  the signal output to compensate for drift that may occur in the sensor's elements. 
Dr. Daniel A. Barberree, Accu Tru's President stated that the new 3.0 version will have multiple enhancements.  For the first time, the system will be enclosed in a standard explosion proof housing.  Further, the new version allows the customer to select from several different types of output, including HART.  Barberree stated that with the new design, the pricing structure will now be competitive with upper tier transmitters currently on the market but offers significant competitive advantages over standard temperature transmitters.

AccuTru Joint Research and Development Project Extended

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA - January  6, 2008  Dr. Daniel A. Barberree, Accu Tru's President announced today, the renewal of an ongoing research and development project in conjunction with a major international oil company.  The project, now in its third year, makes use of AccuTru's experience in mineral insulated cable applications and its strong track record in research and its development of advanced sensor technologies.   The contract, worth approximately $1,000,000 will build on the prevous progress made on the project.  It is anticipated that in the 2008 fiscal year, the project will include large scale testing of the technolgies and application of the these technologies in downhole prototype wells.
In making the announcement, Barberree noted that significant progress was made in 2007, that the project had met all of its objectives and time schedule, due in large part because of the close cooperation of the customer's management team and AccuTru's development and manufacturing staff.  Dr. Barberree further commented that much of the credit for the success of the project to date goes to the close relationships and cooperation between the two teams involved in the project.

AccuTru Sensor Technologies Introduces Gas Turbine Temperature Test Kit

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA – December 15, 2005 - Kenneth Culver, AccuTru's Director of Gas Turbine Technologies announced today, the introduction of a Scavenge Oil Test Kit for the JT8D-200/MD80. The kit is designed to meet the requirements for the FAA's Airworthiness Directives N. 94-23-2 and 97-19.13 for Pratt and Whitney's aircraft turbine models JT8D-209,. - 217, 217A, 217C, and 219. REF. P&W SB A59444 Rev.5.
The compact kit contains everything needed to conduct ground diagnostic tests by using an immersion thermocouple. The Kit (Model No: KC-AST18338-JTD-200/MD80) comes complete with all parts, certification of conformance and calibration data for both the temperature readout device and thermocouple. Accuracy is +/- 2 degrees C.
For additional information or questions, contact Kenneth Culver or Dewayne Marshall at 1-800-594-5737, extension 543.

New Temperature Measurement Specialist Appointed

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA – March 1, 2005 - Bernard Conner, President and CEO of AccuTru International, announced today, the appointment of Mr. Dewayne Marshall as a Temperature Measurement Specialist. Mr. Marshall brings more than 20 years of experience in temperature measurement to the position.
Prior to joining AccuTru, Mr. Marshall served as a temperature measurement sales representative for another firm in the Gulf Coast area.
AccuTru's team of Temperature Measurement Specialists provide problem solving support and design guidance to AccuTru's clients throughout the United States and Europe. Mr. Marshall may be contacted at 281.358.5600 x 543.

AccuTru Creates New Temperature Sensor Division

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA - November 1, 2004 - Dr. Lee Transier, Chairman of AccuTru International Corporation announced today, the creation of AccuTru's temperature sensor division. As of January 1, 2005, the division will be known as AccuTru Sensor Technologies, a Division of AccuTru International Corporation.
In making the announcement,
Dr. Transier notes that the growth of the temperature sensor manufacturing and temperature sensor consulting services over the past year makes it appropriate to specifically identify the division as focusing on temperature. He further noted that the company expects its revenues from the temperature sensor division to increase by 50 percent or more in 2005.
According to Transier, much of this growth is attributable to the increasing acceptance of AccuTru's ExL Long Life Thermocouples and RTDs as significantly superior in performance as compared to MgO insulated thermocouples and RTDs.

AccuTru Provides Additional Payment Choices for Customers

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA – April 2, 2003 - AccuTru International announced today, additional payment choices for customers. Effective immediately, AccuTru will accept payment using Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards. As companies continue to search for ways to improve productivity and reduce costs, many organizations are starting to utilize purchasing credit cards to reduce paperwork, time required to place orders, and decrease the cost of purchasing.
Bernard Conner, President and CEO of AccuTru noted, in making the announcement, that this was another step in AccuTru's efforts to be responsive to customer needs.

AccuTru Continues to Expand Distributor Team

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA - March 23, 2003 -- Kingwood, Texas USA
AccuTru President and CEO, Bernard Conner, announced today, the addition of another member to the growing team of AccuTru Distributors. The newest team member is Applied Process Equipment Specialists of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
In announcing the new Distributors, Bernard Conner said: "We are delighted that Richard Morgan and Doug Fisher are joining us. They bring more than fifty years of field application experience in process instrumentation and their focus on new technologies fits with AccuTru's mission."
To contact Applied Process Materials, call 225-753-6189 or you may reach them by email at richmor@worldnet.att.net.

AccuTru’s Self-Validating/Diagnostic Sensor Out Performs Type R & B Thermocouples in Year Long Comparison Test

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA – February 20, 2003 - A major US based manufacturing company conducted a year long test of the performance of AccuTru’s Self-Validating/Diagnostic sensor (SVS/3211) versus Type R & B thermocouples, in a high temperature combustion/melter environment. Data was collected and analyzed in 2-hour intervals, 2-week intervals and at 12-months of service.
The results showed that “... over a longer time interval the AccuTru is showing true differences from the mean more distinctly.” In addition, the data shows “During the periods examined the AccuTru reading shifted up, while the Type R and Type B thermocouples shifted down. Optic temperatures taken at the time indicate an increase in temperature ... the AccuTru sensor was the only one to record this change. The operating parameters of the furnace had been changed so that the furnace was “operating at a higher temperature.”
The conclusions of the test data shows “The AccuTru (SVS 3211) is superior to both the R and B type thermocouples.” A detailed summary of the results is available on request by contacting us at team1@accutru.com

AccuTru Introduces New Version of SVS Transmitter

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA - January 2, 2003 - AccuTru International, a Kingwood Texas company, today announced the release of a new SVS transmitter. The new model replaces the previous version and introduces a number of refinements to the system. Changes in the new model include the use of standard PCB connectors, making it easier to install sensor extension cable in the field. Also, the transmitter and sensor status lights have been improved by using LED's and replacing the previous four light system with a single sensor status indicator and a single transmitter status indicator. The sensor status indicator is a single LED with multiple colors, allowing for the red, yellow, or green sensor status in one LED. Other modifications have been made to improve the performance and ease of installation of the SVS transmitter.
The SVS transmitter is designed for use with AccuTru's SVS Temperature Measurement Systems. These systems, the first in the world to validate temperature readings and monitor performance of a sensor are designed for applications where reliable, accurate temperature data is required. For more information, contact Bernard Conner, President, AccuTru International Corporation at 281-358-5743.

AccuTru Announces Introduction of "Ex-L", an Extended Life Type "K" Thermocouple

Tests reveal a major breakthrough in more stability and longer life in Type "K", metal sheathed thermocouples
KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA - July 21, 2003 - July's InTech magazine, a publication of ISA, features an article by Dr. Dan Barberree, AccuTru's Vice President for Research and Development. The article, entitled "It's HOT! - Darn HOT! - Real HOT!" discusses the need for advanced temperature measurement products to address today's sophisticated manufacturing processes. Click on the link below to link to the article.

Wilson - Mohr Joins AccuTru Team as Distributor

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA - April 2, 2003 - AccuTru International's President/CEO announced today, the addition of Wilson - Mohr as the newest AccuTru Distributor. In making the announcement, Conner said that Wilson - Mohr has a sterling reputation and is recognized for its outstanding customer service. Wilson - Mohr will represent AccuTru in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. For contact information regarding Wilson - Mohr go to our Distributor page.

Dr. Daniel Barberree Presents Paper at ISA Symposium

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA – May 9, 2002 - Dr. Daniel A. Barberree, Senior Vice President and Director of Research and Development for AccuTru International presented a paper at the 48th International Instrumentation Symposium in San Diego, California.
The paper, entitled The Next Generation of Thermocouples for the Gas Turbine Industry, reports on recent advances in self-validating, self-verifying temperature measurement systems and new thermocouple insulating materials that provide extended life for conventional thermocouples in hostile environments. You may download a copy of the paper by clicking on the hyperlink. ISA Paper.pdf

AccuTru Granted 3rd Patent for SVS Technology

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA - February 15, 2002 - AccuTru International announced today, the granting of a third patent for AccuTru's SVS Self-Validating, Self-Diagnosing temperature measurement technology. This new patent builds on the two previous patents granted on the technology, with a focus on the measurement and calibration methodologies

Test Results Show Improved Thermocouple Performance

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA - June 2, 2001 - Extensive laboratory testing reveals significant enhancements in stability and longer life of AccuTru's new Ex-L metal sheathed thermocouple versus competitive Type "K" thermocouples fabricated from the same sheath material. (Details of the test samples are available upon request.)
The application for this cost-effective device is any use currently being served by conventional Type "K" thermocouples. Products using the new Ex-L materials will be available in late September, 2001.

New Enhancements for Self-Verifying Sensor Systems

KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA – May 10, 2001 - AccuTru International President and CEO, Bernard Conner, announced today, the latest enhancement to AccuTru's SVS temperature measurement systems. Effective immediately, new SVS systems may be ordered with a digital on-site readout as an option.
Now, the remote electronics package provides both the status of the sensor as reported by the status lights, and a digital readout of the temperature measurement. This feature is especially beneficial for operations where staff members are on the floor and want to check the temperature of a process. The remote unit mounts in standard instrument cases.

Ken Culver Appointed Manger of Turbine Applications

AccuTru commitment to Improved Turbine Temperature Measurement
KINGWOOD, TEXAS USA - January 2, 2001 - AccuTru International today, announced the appointment of Kenneth Ray Culver, of Kingwood, Texas, as Manager of Turbine Applications. Mr. Culver brings to the company, extensive experience in the gas turbine business in addition to a broad range of international business experience.
Mr. Culver previously served as Area Director for Central and South America for AlliedSignal, and later served in executive positions for Garrett Aviation. Culver stated that the primary reason for joining AccuTru was the tremendous potential he sees for the application of AccuTru's self-validating sensor technology in the gas turbine business. Culver stated "This new technology has the potential for millions of dollars of savings, both in terms of equipment life and fuel savings for the gas turbine industry."
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