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AccuTru provides technical support to OEM's in the design of temperature measurement instruments for their products.  In addition, our premium ExL products have proven beneficial to OEM's by reducing the cost of warantee work.  We've worked with many large industrial companies to improve the design of thermocouples and RTD's,  making recommendations and suggestions for sensor placement, configuration, and type to reduce manufacturing costs and improve measurement reliability.

For example, we worked with a major manufacturer of vapor deposition equipment to re-engineer the design of a sensor that was very difficult to install, resulting in the failure of the expensive platinum sensors.  Through a comprehensive study of the equipment, AccuTru was able to design a new sensor connection and installation process that elimiinates the breakage of wires during the insertion process.

Other projects we've worked on include an improved thermocouple for high temperature engine test applications, a new design for ground gas turbine engines to replace sensors that failed on a frequent basis, which resulted in costly shut-downs. 

If you would like more information on our  OEM support services, contact our Busines Development  Manager, Chris Hunt at 262.432.5999 or by E-mail: chris.hunt@accutru.com

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