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How AccuTru Assists Industries 

Some of the ways AccuTru assists businesses and organizations incude the following areas:

Energy Conservation

Accurate control of temperature in processes can result in significant reduction in energy requirements.  Systems that maintain a constant temperature require less fuel than those where, for what ever reason, the temperature fluctuates in a wide range. Our ExL, Extended Life sensors provide a more stable signal than conventional MgO insulated sensors.  In addition, our Self-Validating (SEVA) sensor systems provide even better control by constantly monitoring sensor performance and adjusting sensor output to compensate for any drift that may occur in the sensor.

Environmental Matters

Through the use of more accurate and reliable instrumentation, it is possible to reduce emissions from industrial processes.  If it is possible to more closely control an industrial process, the chance of emitting excess emissions is reduced.  AccuTru has shown that, by the use of our Self-Validating (SEVA) temperature measurement systems, we can run incinerators as a more constant temperature, thus reducing a wide variety of emissions that are monitored by the EPA and state agencies.


The closer that temperatures can be maintained to the ideal set-point for a process, the less off-spec product is produced.  This saves our clients significant amounts of money because it reduces re-work resulting in savings through less scrap and reduced rework costs while, at the same time, saving raw material and energy expenses.

Advancements in Processes and Technologies

One of the limitations to process operations is reliable, accurate instrumentation.  Working with clients, AccuTru specilizes in the inovative design of sensors that allow advancements in process control and enables processes to operate with greater through-put without risk to quality or safety.

Cost Containment

The use of AccuTru's ExL long life sensors enables our clients to better control manufacturing costs by reducing the frequency of sensor replacement costs.   Savings result from (1) Fewer sensors used during the life of the process; (2) Reduced labor costs for replacing sensors; and (3) Improved process control.

Improved Productivity

We will be happy to share with you, case studies that show validate the improved productivity created by use of AccuTru's ExL thermocouples.   An international energy company replaced their conventional MgO insulated tube-skin thermocouples with AccuTru's ExL tube-skin sensors.   Within a period of one year, the company saved one million dollars by reducing the need to shut the process down to decoke heater tubes.  Let AccuTru's team assist you in making process improvements through better temperature measurement that will directly impact your bottom line.

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