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AccuTru's team of engineers, researchers and representatives work together with our clients to improve sensor design and installation can significantly improve measurements which, in turn, can improve throughput, reduce waste, and improve profitability.

Proper engineering design of sensors and installation will improve performance...

The design of a sensor can affect its performance in an application.  The proper selection of sheath materials, sensor calibration, diameter, are critical to the accuracy of the readings as well as the longevity of the sensor.  We find that, over time, in some applications, small changes are made in the design of a sensor.  Further, changes in the process vessel or modifications to the process can affect the measurement performance of a sensor.

AccuTru's design team assists our clients in evaluating sensor performance and will redesign sensors or installation routes to improve measurement performance.  Further, advances in materials and measurement processes often can be applied to existing applications, resulting in process control.  Contact a member of our sales and engineering team to discuss your applications.

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