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Designing a new plant, developing a new process?  Let AccuTru's team of experts assist you by providing accurate, reliable information that enables you to build the best possible temperature instrumentation system.

What is the true temperature?

Nearly anyone can insert a temperature probe in a process and get a reading.   The question is: What is the true temperature?   Location of sensors in the process, types of sensors used, routing of sensors, routing of extension cable, proper materials for the application are issues that need to be addressed when building a new plant or developing a new process.  Failure to address these issues in the design stage will enhance the probability that you will not get a true temperature reading.  Moving a sensor just a couple of inches, or not having the proper insertion depth can cause readings to be off by many degrees.  

Working with AccuTru's team of experts will give you the assurance that the system you design will provide you the most accurate and reliable readings.  For information on our consulting services, call 281.358.5600 x 516. 

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