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ExL Thermocouples insulated with Mi-Dry


 AccuTru's unique ExL thermocouples are  manufactured using a new ceramic insulation material called MI-DryTM in place of commonly used Magnesium Oxide (MgO).  Rigorous tests and extensive customer installations show that AccuTru's ExL line of thermocouples provide superior performance.
AccuTru's MI-Dry material is a new proprietary dielectric compound that is an inert, powdered ceramic insulant with the same MSDS properties as MgO but with significantly improved characteristics in areas critical to high temperature measurement in process control.
Benefits of ExL Sensors made with MI-Dry:
  • ExL Sensors are drop-in relplacements for the MgO sensors you currently use.
  • Connect to existing signal conditioners or transmitters with no wiring changes.
  • Longer life means more up-time, lower maintenance costs and fewer sensors.
  • Some high temperature thermocouples that use platinum elements, may utilize ExL sensors instead, providing significant savings on initial up-front costs.
  • MI-Dry is non-corrosive to metals, which eliminates "Green Rot" common in MgO type thermocouples.
  • MI-Dry is non-hygroscopic and does not trap moisture, which plagues MgO users, leading to shunting, shortened life, and erroneous readings.
  • Virtual Junction Errors are reduced or eliminated using ExL thermocouples made with MI-Dry.
  • ExL Thermocouples are available in most configurations and sizes.
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