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     ExL Sensors with MI-Dry - Thermocouples and RTDs

ExL Sensors with MI-Dry - Thermocouples and RTDs

ExL Thermocouples insulated with Mi-Dry outperform MgO Sensors....

ExL thermocouples remain stable and functioning accurately in your application longer because they are insulated with AccuTru's proprietary ceramic insulation, MI-Dry.  MI-Dry is a new ceramic insulation used in place of conventional Magnesium Oxide insulation. 
  • ExL Sensors can last 5 times longer than MgO in High Temperatures
  • Mi-Dry results in output signals which are extremely steady with no drift
  • Sensors insulated with Mi-Dry are virtually non-hygroscopic
  • AccuTru's ExL sensors are not suseptible to Virtual Junction Errors.
 Learn more about the Incredible Science of Mi-Dry



  • ExL thermocouples are drop-in replacements for the thermocouples you currently use.
  • ExL's connect to your existing signal conditioner or transmitter with no wiring changes.
  • Lower cost of ownership.
  • Available in a wide variety of calibrations and sheath materials.
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